Commercial COVID-19 Portal

Has Your Business Been Impacted By Covid-19?

First and foremost, The Martino Group hopes you, your families, and friends are well. We hope that you are not significantly impacted by COVID-19 at this time. As the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is changing rapidly, day to day, we are working diligently to ensure we operate as normal as possible and provide continuing support to all of our tenants.

We are here to help any of our commercial tenants that are directly impacted by COVID-19. In order to provide assistance to those most in need, we are asking for verification of your inability to pay your lease or rent by submitting the following documents:

  1. Current AP/AR Report
  2. Current Balance Sheet
  3. A list of other vendors they are unable to pay
  4. Trailing 12 Financial Statement By Month

Lastly, submit a Word Document or PDF detailing the following information:

  1. How was your business was impacted by COVID-19?
  2. What actions or steps they have taken to alleviate the impact of their business?

Once we have received your documents, we will review them and get back to you within 3 Business Days to let you know the status of your application for assistance.

Here are some helpful links that might be helpful for you as well.

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Thank You,
The Martino Group

  • Please upload the following documents: Current AP/AR, Report, Current Balance Sheet, A list of other vendors you are unable to pay, Trailing 12 Financial Statement By Month, and a document with: How your business was impacted by Covid-19 and what actions or steps you have taken to alleviate the impact on your business.
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